Cryptocurrencies in India: The proposed ban, regulations, and entrepreneurial opportunity

In the very first episode of Dare Do Speak, the guest is Nischal Shetty, Founder and CEO of WazirX, India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange (acquired by Binance). In this episode, he speaks about what it takes to be an entrepreneur in the cryptocurrency ecosystem in India; the proposed ban on cryptocurrencies in the country; the future of NFTs and DeFi; and more.

Disclaimer: This episode is for general information or entertainment purposes only and does not constitute accounting, legal, tax, or other professional advice. Listeners should not act upon the content or information found here without first seeking appropriate advice from an accountant, financial planner, lawyer, or other professional. There are risks involved in placing any investment in securities or in Bitcoin or in other cryptocurrencies. Neither am I nor my guest Nischal Shetty an investment advisor.

Here are timestamps of everything we spoke about:

  • 1.20- 4.30: Why did Nischal Shetty choose to be a cryptocurrency entrepreneur in India? Why is he a believer in this technology in context to the Indian market?
  • 4.30–6.30: Overview of cryptocurrency trading in India
  • 6.30–9.55: The proposed cryptocurrency Ban in India by regulators and its potential implications
  • 9.55 -14.30: How can you regulate cryptocurrency in India?
  • 14.30- 17.50: What’s driving the growth of crypto trading in India despite the proposed ban and friction from regulators?
  • 17. 50 -26.10: How did WazirX survive the previous crypto ban in India in 2018? What lies ahead?
  • 26.10- 30.45: The Binance-Wazir X acquisition story
  • 30.45- 33.25: What does it take to be a crypto entrepreneur in India? What are the opportunities if you want to startup in India in the crypto space?
  • 33.25- 36.05: Use cases of DeFi in India and adoption
  • 36.05–42.10: NFTs and India — what is the potential?
  • 42.10- 46.55: How to start investing in cryptocurrencies as a beginner?
  • 46.55-end: Nischal Shetty’s most daring moment as an entrepreneur

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